National Human Rights Commission, Oxfam sign MoU

National Human Rights Commission and Oxfam signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 7 October 2012, at Human Rights Commission office, to work together towards a shared vision and that is to raise awareness of right to food and campaign in line with that.

Gareth Price Jones, Bangladesh Country Director, Oxfam and Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Chairman, NHRC.

Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Chairman, NHRC and Gareth Price Jones, Bangladesh Country Director, Oxfam signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organizations.

About the purpose of the MoU, Dr Mizan said, “The purpose is to promote human rights and its strategic focus on economic, social and cultural rights, largely right to food for the people of Bangladesh.” He also mentioned that economic empowerment was important for reducing poverty.

Under the agreement NHRC and Oxfam will raise the voices for the poor in food, agriculture, climate change, trade and economy through an Oxfam led alliance of 250 organizations across the country.

Talking about GROW, Gareth Price Jones, Country Director of Oxfam in Bangladesh, said, “Currently, nearly 1 in 7 people regularly go hungry.  The GROW campaign is about transforming the broken food system so that it works for everyone today. It is also about ensuring that the system is fit for a future where resource constraints, environmental challenges such as climate change, and a growing population will make feeding the world harder still.”

The broad areas of cooperation mentioned in the MoU are ensuring right to food for the people of Bangladesh and campaign advocacy that commonly serve the vision and mission of Oxfam and NHRC.


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