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News on Food Rights

Food, a right for all.

Welcome to the first roundup of world-wide news on Food-Rights and Food security.

1) Announcing the Community for Zero Hunger: Mobilizing a Multi-Sectoral Response to the UN Zero Hunger Challenge:

There are more than 870 million people who are hungry and malnourished around the world. As we look toward 2050, we will have a third more mouths to feed, which will further strain systems, the environment and communities. Building sustainable, specific and multi-sectoral responses to ending hunger, and creating a food- and nutrition-secure world are urgent. Read more

2) The Dangers of Agricultural Subsidies is they never reach the people for whom they were created.

3) Each year, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations releases a report on the State of Food and Agriculture, covering important issues related to global food systems. Here is the 2013 report of the FAO which addresses the issue of food systems and malnutrition.


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Are these fruits chemical free, and safe for consumption!!!

safe for consumption?? Image by author

About a month ago, one our relatives brought some apples and oranges. Few of those were left out, and remained unattended on a corner of the dining place. We were about to throw those away, thought that by this time those fruits should be rotten. Surprisingly! noticed…. those looked so fresh..

Even one month after…look of those orange and apple was same as was at the time those were purchased..

Do they need any laboratory test to certify them safe for consumption?

Is there anybody to look after that we, the people consume safe food?

Should we continue having the expensive fruits those are not safe at all??


This post was written by Qamrunnisa Nazly

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June 27, 2013 · 11:38 pm