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From One Table To Another: Eating in Bangladesh And Australia

There’s nothing quite like a plate of fuchka to satisfy a hungry appetite. Over the weekend, I found myself savouring those delicious explosions of coriander, chilli and chickpea flavours for the first time in months. But I wasn’t sitting on the shores of Dhanmondi Lake eating alongside a parade of rickshaw wallahs and vegetable markets. Instead, I was perched under the roof of a football stadium in south western Sydney among a sea of saris and rainbow flags at the Bangladesh Australia Friendship Fair.

A Plateful of Fuchka
A spicy snack-crunchy balls filled with salad, boiled chick peas, spices, potato & egg
Image from Flickr by OnchitaS. Used under CC BY-NC-ND License.

I returned to Australia a few months ago after spending a year in Bangladesh working with an NGO called Hunger Free World. Now I’m living in Sydney again, volunteering with Oxfam’s GROW campaign. It was because of this work with GROW that I found myself eating fuchka in Sydney on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Continue reading


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